Saturday 17 December 2016

Baby Born Sunny and Baby Review

My Daughter absolutly loves anything to do with babies at the moment. She has also picked out baby names for future children too (Mrs Goody and Max in case you were interested). SO I just knew she would love the Sunny and baby horses from Baby born. You may like us have a little girl or boy who has last minute decided what they want for christmas this is defiantly a perfect choice. 

Sadly the doll that is include in some photos is not included but the Mummy and Baby are part of the set. I used Ami's original Baby born to aid play. The set comes with an interactive hose (mum Sunny)  who when you press the ears dependant of which one either Moves or calls for her baby. Ami was so overjoyed when she sat her baby on the horse to her it was the best thing ever. 

My favuoute part which I can not believe I just found out is that if you put the two horses together they kiss. Its too cute and I just called my husband away from his work to have a look (he didn't share the same enthusiasm). The baby has a magnet on the side which means it can walk along side its mum. 

Ami was pleased that the horse can walk, ITs not the fastest of walks but its still moves. Ami had great fun playing stables and creating lots of little games. The horse seat is perfect for Baby born dolls and the baby wasn't wobbly in it which I feared it might. 

All in All we were pleased with Sunny and her baby. The retail price is around £50 which is in keeping with most branded baby toys. It makes a change to the usual baby toy such as a pram and other items and gets little ones use imagation a little bit more. Both my little girl who is 4 and my little boy who is 3 loved playing with them, Find out more on the baby born website here.


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