Sunday 9 October 2016

Getting Ready for Starting School - Ami

So the time has finally come and my middle child Ami has started school. She starts full days soon and I am somewhat a bit sad about it. She is only four but seriously she does look super cute in her school uniform. She has taken to going to school really well and I think it helps that she has good friends in her class. She is ever so proud to go to school and every morning is the first dressed whilst we call her older brother about 600 tines to get dressed.

We recently were sent £50 from Ocean Finance  to help us with getting ready for back to school or as in our case starting school. I know have two children in uniform and boy isn't that pricey so I was very grateful for it. With the money we got some essentials for starting school and some other bits for practicing writing at home or chilling out after a busy day. See below what we got.

School Shoes

They are important for school obviously I was looking forward to taking Ami to buy a pair. Little did I know that it would be so stressful, I thought we could walk into clarks and be out 10 minutes later. Ami has always had wide feet and a high instep sadly Clarkes did not cater for this and as a result her feet her to wide for all the dainty shoes in there. Seriously why dont more girls shoes be made more robust, its funny all the boys shoes have toe guards but not the girls.  We found a pair of shoes that finally fitted after two days of shoe shopping. They have lights they weren't too pricy and they fit, she loves them and wants to wear them all the time.

School Lunch Box

Who doesnt need a unicorn Lunchbox. Seriously I want this for me its so cute although she will get free school dinners as part of the government scheme its good that if she wants a change one day we have one free. The lunch box comes with a strap so is easy for her to carry around.
seriously look its amazing its from Sainsbury's if you want one for work.. Ahem I mean your child for school.

Cool Stationary 

Although its only reception that Ami has started in there is always the need to help her practice her writing at home. Sadly I was pulled into Smiggle and if you haven't been there come with money I was forced to buy all sorts of random bits. We got a little colourful pad and colourful markers to go with it. She also chose a cupcake smelling pencil, a lolly rubber and glow in the dark puzzle. She is over the moon and comes home everyday to her little pad which she locks away from her brothers and writes her name.

So here we are our little round up of goodies from us. Life has changed a lot over the last few weeks and home is somewhat more quieter since. I am so glad she has settled well and is loving every minute although its only early days yet. I am looking forward to many firsts this year and being a blubbering mess at assembly's and school trips.

Disclaimer: Thus is a collaborative post we were gifted £50 from Ocean Finance to buy items for this post. 

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