Wednesday 12 October 2016

Autumn Beach Trips

One thing I love about living by the seaside is the fact we can pop down to the beach any day. Our nearest one to us is one I grew up as a child so am always very fond of it. 

One thing me and my sisters would love is when the wind blows and the waves splash over the top of the wind. I was trying to show my little ones the waves and everytime they seemed to stop it was very funny. Every now and again a massive wave would spray the side and splash all over the side. When they did notice it they found it hilarious. 

Ami and Son Son both loved jumping in the water as it was starting to gather in puddles. Sometimes it's the simple things my children love. I can spend a small fourtune and buy craft stuff till it's coming out my ears and they hardly do it. Where as bringing them here to the seaside brings such joy. I am always so grateful to live here.

I love this photo of my little Ami she looks so happy. Must have just caught it at the right time. 

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