Wednesday 30 December 2015

Me and Mine December 2015

Looking back over the last year I am so proud of all these photos. See behind every one of these I have to force the whole family to take part. Step one is actually finding the place to take a photo, then its have we remembered the big camera. Step two is rounding the troops, getting there children together and a husband is hard work. Step 3 checking we are in the photo / focus. Nothing more disapointing then getting home to discover that the none are good. The final step is getting everyone to smile at once, as you can see we did not achieve one photo where we are all smiling. 

I love every single one of these photos. I planned this year to be more organised, to take the camera with me more, but I did fail on many occasions. Some of the photos were taken at the end of our road by the beach and others in our house. It is hard work but I love the end result. Maybe next year I will be more intnetional with taking more photos. Getting to know that big camera again, going on many more adventures with the Family. Its been an busy busy year. Getting the right balance of work / family time has been very hard at times. We have had a fun year and have been very blessed. My little family is growing up so much. 

January - Broadstairs Beach

February - Shelter at the end of our road. 

March - Our Garden 

April - Minnis Bay

May - France 

June Paris 

June - Kingsdown Campsite

July - Scripture Union Minnis Bay

August - Home

September - Down our local Beach

October  - Westgate St Mildreds Bay

November - Westgate beach

December - Gorleston Beach 


  1. I love your photos, I love how fun they look! Also love how your husbands beard grows and then goes again over the months! Happy New Year!

  2. What a great collection of family photos! I live near the beach too, must remember to get some pics down there this year! x Julia @ Rainbeaubelle