Wednesday 16 December 2015

Finding the Joy - December Part 1

Sorry guys haven't been round much online, Christmas parties and episodes of rubbish on the tv have zapped my motivation. I just though I would share a few things that have been going on in our little lives. This time of year is crazy busy but such fun too, my children are far too excited and nine sleeps is far too much for an 3 year old to cope with. So here is a few things why we are happy this month.

1 - Christmas Parties

So who doesnt love a good party right. Well I do to a point we have had 3 so far!!! The worst is yet to come a crazy busy one is the last one next Wednesday!. I have my staff night out and then the kids general nursery/ school ones then we can start to wind down. The children have loved seeing Father Christmas too. Son Son is in love with him and hugs every Father Christmas. Ami though at one party didn't want to leave baby Jesus and wanted to stay at that party. I haven't eaten fruit for a long time and currently living off cakes and chocolate (true story). All the weight I have lost is about to come back on but hey I am happy.

2 - Time of Work

I am currently counting down the shifts. As from boxing day I have a whole 12 days off. We plan to go to Norfolk and generally just chill out as a family. Be nice to get away and be at the in laws for a bit, with most of my husbands other family too. The kids love it and we generally don't do much. 12 days of is such a treat I can't wait.

3 - First Christmas Plays

My daughter starred in her first nursery play and yes I did cry, like I do at every single play. She was very shy on the stage but sang Rudolph the red nose reindeer song. Me and my husband where very proud and I couldn't help waving and cheering. Sad parent alert.

4 - Christmas Services

I love this time of year and what we celebrate, the greatest story ever told. I love church this time of year, the beautiful lights and carols I love the generosity that it provokes. We went to a carol service the other day and even though the kids where feral it was so beautiful. My favourite serve is Christmas eve but I am working through it but will hear from the ids how it went. They love it Ami keeps on telling us the story about baby Jesus.

So here you are a little insight into out lives recently. Hopefully will update the blog again soon but when I escape the mountain of wrapping I shall be free.


  1. You lucky thing having fun Christmas parties to go to! You've reminded me to find a carol service as well, I always find them so uplifting.

  2. I wish i had all them Christmas parties to go too! Can't wait till my sons a little older so we can enjoy Christmas a whole lot better #bestandworst