Friday 20 December 2013

What to get a 16 month for Christmas? Her letter to father Christmas

There are plenty of flashy and smart presents you could buy for a 16 month old girl. Many that I am sure will provide her with hours of fun and entertainment. A cute teddy or a flashy toy but here is Ami's list of what she really wants.

Dear father Christmas 

Ive been good i think i am not sure does hitting your brothers count pants wouldn't let me play his toys so I biffed him one. Here is what i want please.. 

Stacks of books and dvds
I spend hours everyday pulling books of a shelf, then pull all the neatly stacked dvds on top of that, if i am lucky i may get hold of one of those shiny things inside. 

A light up hand thing 
I see mum and dad with these hand things, i would like one too so I can watch peppa pig and press the circle button. Not a plastic one that does nothing i have seen they are no good I wouldn't play with it at all!

I love these stick things, they would do me well I like to draw over my body at any available opportunity. Especially when I can see were about to go out!

One of those things with buttons 
I Like to watch peppa and if i had one of those buttons things i could do it myself. I like to point with the button machine already towards the light box with peppa in mind!! 

So please father Christmas I promise I will be good, I wont pull anymore tags of the already wrapped presents and will not try and open any presents that don't have my name on!

love Ami



  1. Hihihi, hope she gets her wishes, maybe her own personal remote control and loads of books to keep her busy and happy :-). #PoCoLo

  2. this is hilarious. hope she gets all she asked for. :) what a cutie.

  3. That's the perfect toddler list!! Haha!
    Popping over from #PoCoLo

  4. Brilliant list - I'm with Ami! thank you for supporting PoCoLo this year :) x