Thursday 29 March 2018

Gel-a-Peel Slime Jar Decorating - Easy Slime Recipe

I don't know if your kids are obsessed with Slime but mine are at the moment. One thing we have never done is try to make it I for one thought it was maybe a little bit too hard for me. We were sent a kit from Gel a Peel to make some slime jars. So with that, I googled easy slime recipe and found one that actually worked using only two ingredients so read on to find out how we have done it.

If you are a regular reader of our blog you will have seen us try out the Gel a Peel products a few times for different projects.  One thing Gel a Peel is good to create a different texture and gives a good effect and finish.

We tried a new Gold pack which I can tell you there was a few fights about who got to use the gold pen. If you have not heard of Gel a Peel its a lot of fun. It comes in different coloured tubes and you can use it to make jewellery or as we done slime Jars. The wonderful thing is when it dries it becomes like a rubbery texture. Each set comes with different shaped nozzles that attach on the Gel a Peel tubes to create different shales and textures. The set comes with moulds that you can use to stick on your designs or make into creations themselves.

 The Sets that we were using comes with 16 different templates which can be moulded into different shapes. It's very easy to use and my children love using the mould. It's very easy to use and comes with a squeegee to scrape away excess gel. It's best to do the moulds the day before as they take some time to dry. 

Easy two ingredient Slime Recipe

The great thing about this slime recipe is that all the stuff is available in your home. 
All you will need for this recipe is - 

- PVA Glue - 2 Tablespoons

- Washing Detergent  - 2 Table Spoons

- Food colouring or glitter for decoration (optional)

This is it believe it or not. It was super easy to make actually I was surprised especially as I had heard horror stories from other people. All you do is mix both together until it creates a gooey consistency. We added glitter and colouring too to make it more exciting. It worked well as slime and ticked the boxes in the right places for them. 

They then filled the jars they made and won't let us throw them away. 

Check out Gel a Peel Available in most Toy retailers. The set we use retails at around £19.99 

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