Wednesday 15 February 2017

Were Going on a Bear Hunt Twitter Party

I don't know if you caught Were going to catch a bear Hunt on the Tv over Christmas or that you have loved the book but tomorrow (February the 16th), UK mums TV are hosting a twitter party to celebrate the launch of the new DVD. We watched the short film and it was ever so beautiful I even had a tear in my eye at the end. I was surprised how much the children were already familiar with the book. 

We also received a box full of lots of goodies and games which are to be enjoyed during the twitter party full of games and activities that will keep the little ones amused. The full box see below contained:
  • Invites for the party
  • Biscuit decorating activiy
  • Were going on a bear hunt DVD's and popcorn for the film
  • Cute cuddly teddy Bears believe me my Ami won't want to give them up!
  • Goody Bags and colouring 
  • Equipment to make a mask
  • Pin the tail on the bear game 

We have invited some of Ami and Son Sons friends and we are all set! I am actually well excited we love doing twitter parties they are alwayssuch good fun. You can join in too by using the #BearHunt to find out more and even have the chance to win some prizes by joining in competitions. 

 SO make sure you check out twitter between 4pm and 6pm for more fun join us and @ukmumtv with the #BearHunt. 

DVD Review

We watched the DVD before the party because I wanted to get the children ready for the party. I can't explain how beautiful it is I am always a lover of animation. My little Ami and Son Son were gripped by the story. We have the book and have read it so they were joining in with the famous phrase "Were going on a Bear hunt, Were going catch a big one...". It was a beautiful watch and even though (spoiler alert) it was a little bit sad in the end we all loved it. It was short enough to keep the children entertained. After watching it all I wanted to do is cuddle the bear he was rather cute I might sneak one of the little bears from the box and keep it! Find out more in our next blog post about the party on the blog to find out more about the DVD. 


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