Wednesday 20 April 2016

Funny Toddler Chat - April

It has totally been far too long since I have written a post about the funny chat of a 2 and 3 year old. They sure are super funny Ami tells people off for laughing at her even though what she says is so so funny. It has taken a while but Son Son at 2 and a half now is saying more words although every question people ask him gets answered by Ami.

So here we are some of the high lights of the past few weeks (those I can remember)

Daddy: Son Son do not shout in the car
Son Son; Daddy you are Poopy
Daddy: Son Son thats not  nice thing to say
Son Son: Sorry Daddy
Later on when picking Mummy up from work
Son Son: Me naughty me called Daddy Poopy.
Mummy: Oh dear ( secretly laughing inside)

The other day whilst waiting for the school place email to come.
Ami: I hope I don't get the big school, as the big children may push me over.
Mummy: Oh I am sure that won't happen
Ami: Yeah me too
A few minutes later we get the email
Mummy: Ami you got your primary school you wanted.
Ami: Hurray I get to got to school with my friends.
Son Son: Me go to school
Mummy: not just yet in a few years Son Son.
Son Son: Oh!

Whilst one the bus with Ami and Son Son, Ami wanted to play babies and as per usual I was the sister her and Son Son the mummy and Daddy.
Ami: (Mummy) So you are the Sister mummy and Son Son the Daddy.
Mummy ( sister): ok Ami.
Ami: Ok Daddy you have to tell sister that Mummy has dies of old age. (Pretends to be dead on the bus)
Son Son (Daddy): sister mummy dead.
Mummy: Oh dear what happened
Ami: old age.... Now pretend that I came back to life and had a baby. Mummy sister you were jealous and pinch the baby.
Mummy: Oh thats not very nice though is it.
Ami: Ok well then Daddy died because he was old.
Mummy: Oh look we are early home look out the window.
Ha was so funny though had some of the people on the bus smirking at her little stories.

Mummy: Ami are you looking forward to your birthday.
Son Son: I want a Thomas cake for my birthday.
Ami: Yes I want a princess cake.
Mummy: Do you know when your birthday is?
Ami: On my birthday in the summer. I want princess toys, a bike and a swimming pool.
Mummy: Not alot yet.
Son Son: Me want trains.
Ami: Its my birthday first Son Son.
Son Son: Ami your a poopy

A discussion that happens every day between Ami and Son Son.
Ami: My best friend is Harry
Son Son: No he is my best friend.
Ami: No he is not it is Ryan.
Son Son; No its Noah.
Ami: No thats my best friend.
Son Son: No mine best friend is Caleb
Ami: No thats my best friend mine are Harry, Noah, Caleb, Isla and Guvna B
Mummy: What Guvna B is your best friend
Ami: Yeah he was at lark in the park!
Son Son: Mummy my best friend.
Ami: yes and Harrison and Louie.
Son Son: Yes and Kelly.
Mummy: You guys have lots of friends.
Ami: Mummy your best friend is Daddy and us thats it.
Mummy: ok then.

So here is some of the little chats between my little ones. Must make more of a note as they are so funny.


  1. This made me giggle. I love to listen to the conversations my two have as they have such vivid imaginations. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  2. Haha this made me laugh. So adorable :) Thank you for linking up to #justanotherlinky