Friday 24 July 2015

Dora and Friends Sing-a-long and Dora Toy Review

Have you seen Dora lately she’s moved to the city and suddenly got more grown up (and may I say tolerable). My children are big Nick Jr fans and love anything they show on that channel with Dora in the City being one of their faves. What’s great that at the moment Nick Jr are running 3 hours of Sing Along with Dora. Its not just Dora its all the other characters too, I have looked like the coolest mum ever lately singing along to the songs. OK maybe not coolest and the toddlers told me to be quiet  but one day soon I am hoping. 

Whats even more fun is the new range of Dora and friends toy range. To celebrate this many Smyths Toy Superstores accorss the country where your children are invited to sing along with Dora. The booths will be at some sky stands as well as smyth stores too where your child can make a video of them singing along with Dora and her friends. Im personally practicing my spanish so I can join in too (if I am aloud to by the toddlers).

The booths will be at the following places. We will be at the Westwood Cross Dora sing along next Tuesday. Very Excited.. I mean the kids are. Well all except my eldest who will be embarrassed. 

Waterfields Retail Park, Watford (Dora costume Character) 27th July
Westwood Cross Shopping Park, Thanet - 28th July
St Davids Retail Park, Swansea - 29th July
Crown Retail Park, Leeds, (Dora costume Character) 31st July
Clifton Moor Retail Park, York (Dora costume Character) 3rd August
Ravenhead Retail Park, St Helens, 5th August
Halls Mill Retail Park, Bury, 6th August
Middle engine Lane, Wallsend, 10th August
Glasgow Fort Shopping Park, Glasgow (Dora costume Character) 12th August
Boulevard Retail Park, Aberdeen, (Dora costume Character) 14th August

The Centre MK, Milton Keynes 25th-26th July
White Rose, Leeds 1st-2nd August
Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle 8th-9th August
Bon Accord, Aberdeen, 15th-16th August

We also got sent a fab range of Dora toys which have had my toddlers fighting over for days. That is always a good sign they loved the Dora and Kate Dolls the most which I had to keep on separating in order for the squabbling to subside. They came in the most fabulous hamper it was like Christmas, the hamper included the Dora and Kate Doll as mentioned above, Dora’s magic charm bracelet, the Dora Smartphone and Dora’s Adventure Charms

The Dolls are 8” tall and both have a tiny dog charm to go onto the charm bracelet. They also have little shoes that fall off constantly so I taped them on in the end. The outfits are the same as on the tv and the have moveable parts. They were the firm favourite with Ami and Son Son, they both love little dolls at the moment Son Son kept on kissing them which got him told off by Ami. They are only £10.99 which I think is rather reasonable.

The hamper also contained the magic charm bracelet too, which if you have seen the show (guilty) she uses her charm bracelet to solve her little problems in the City. They also come with two extra ones which if your not a greedy toddler who hates sharing you could possibly share. There is a wide range for your child to attach to eh bracelet. The charm bracelet retails at £9.99. 

Another favourite with my two toddlers was Doras smartphone. Ami at 2 is always saying she doesn’t have a phone and she was ecstatic. When you press it is plays an array of ringtones and phrase from the show. Son Son pretends its Nanna not that she is spanish or sounds remotely like her but he loves it too. 

We also received another Dora Magic Adventure charms which contains a little Dora and another bracelet. This meant they could have one each but I did have to hide the little figure before the fights erupted over who gets baby Dora. This set is only £7.99 perfect for a little party gift. 

So if you are looking for something to entertain the children in the summer holidays head on down to a event near you and try and get a selfie with Dora. 


  1. My boys loved Dora when they were younger. I mourn the loss of the old Dora for this streamlined one

  2. my little girl watches Dora sometimes, depending on her mood lol

  3. Aww what a cool sounding toy - Dora seems like such a popular programme.

  4. I found Dora annoying, but I can see why kids love her x

  5. Hola! My kids both used to watch Dora and we still repeat her Spanish from time to time!

  6. My two girls LOVE Dora!! They love little and big dora {their words!} :) The toys look fab xx

  7. We never really got into Dora but these look super fun and great value for money! X

  8. Dora has grown up! Oh I feel a little bit old now ;) Your children look like they really enjoyed playing with the toys.

  9. Ah nothing near me - why don't these things come down south :0( - the toys look fab though

  10. I'm in the South so no events near us. The toys look fab, POD would take them down the slide too I suspect. She always enjoys Dora :)

  11. I prefer original Dora, but having said that, I know my daughter would have adored these dolls when she was young!

  12. Dora is such a clever idea for a program and the toys look great, I am sure all kids would love them!

  13. AW i do love dora and especially her toys range they always entertain my girls

  14. Oh my goodness, my daughter would love these. I really like the way they've updated them.

  15. Oh these look fab - Pickle loves Dora and he would love one of these I'm sure! Kaz x