Monday 20 July 2015

Day out to Wingham Wildlife Park

The other day we went on a little trip to Wingham for wildlife park, which is a little zoo not to far from where we live. I just knew the toddlers would love it well Son Son especially he loves all animals, Ami I thought would be a bit reserved and Asti would be his usual cool 8 year old self.

We went with Grandad as Daddy was busy working which is handy he is always happy to push the pushchair meaning I can chase one or both toddlers and Asti around all day. We haven't been for a few years but the amount of different animals as grown and they have new chimps and lions since we last visited. The first place we visited was the butterflies and tropical area. This ended up being slightly hilarious as Ami was so scared of all the butterflies and birds. It took her a while to calm down and she wouldn't go near any of the animals in their. Son son was fascinated with it all and Asti wanted to catch a butterfly. We looked at the bats and headed toward the replies.

Ami much preferred the reptiles behind there cages than the butterflies and her and Asti took great delight running round and spotting all the animals. Ami was amazed at a 2 foot long crocodile. This was Asti's favourite room he wanted to go round again. son son loved to look in the cages and bash them he was happy just looking with grandad.

We looked at all the different animals from meercats to goats. The lions were asleep but the Tigers were very much awake. They prowled round the cage back and forth till collapsing in the warm sun.

A firm favourite for all of us is always the Penguins. However smelly they are every time. I let son son out so he could see the animals properly but he went feral and was running around. Trying to climb in with the penguins and generally making sure I wasn't stood still for too long.

Ami's favourite was a little monkey who had a little toy monkey. It was very cute and loved Ami too. We were stood watching this monkey for a good 30 minutes as it did little tricks for Ami and the kids. It took them round to a glass window where it then did break dancing and throwing the teddy and catching it. We couldn't get Ami away she loved it it was very sweet. By this time it was late afternoon and the party was very quiet meaning we had it to ourselves most of the time.

We also got a ice cream and the children had a play in the massive play area. Poor Son Son was a little but too small so I helped him round as he tried to keep up with his elder siblings.

We had a lovely afternoon with all the different animals really made a nice change. We love to see the animals even if my children did feed the coats hoola hoops! Doh.

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  1. What a great day out! Those photos are brilliant! Some did make me chuckle.