Monday 16 December 2013

Little bear you are 1 month old

Little Bear your 1 month
we have been blessed with another amazing child
another little person full of life 
ready to make his mark on the world

You came along into the world very loud and angry
you at first didnt like to not wear clothes 
you would cry until you were dressed again
in clothes so small and so cute

You spent a few days in hospital at 10 days old
you had to go in an oxygen box and have a tube down your nose
it was very sad to see you and not cuddle you
everyone was glad to have you home

Your starting to sleep alot better 
getting more hours in the night
in the day your forever woken by your big sister 
but still manage to sleep through her being very noisy

You brother and sister adore you 
Ami doesnt leave you alone
weather she is putting blankets on you or a book on your head
they love you to bits

Were so glad your here

Were enjoying lots of newborn snuggles 

cant believe how quick this first month has gone

We love you lots little bear!!


  1. Gorgeous photos :) Glad you're all settling into your new routine! Have a wonderful Christmas x #MMWBH

  2. Beautiful :), Have a great Christmas x #MMWBH