Wednesday 4 December 2013

Ami your 16 months

Ami your 16 months
your now a big sister
you have been so happy to have a new baby brother
you kiss him ALL the time

your suddenly not so small
you seem like a little giant
still a baby but not so tiny
you also have become so grown up

you have developed the most cheeky smile
and smile lots and mostly always happy
you find it hilarious when you see people wear hats
you are a joy to be around

you have learnt many new words this month
although you are still shy when out you jabber away at home
favorite word at the moment is Stuck 
you love to say it after you have climbed on a chair

you love you brothers 
you love to play and follow Pants 
he is extremely patient when you hit him and pull his hair
you copy everything he does

you love your sleep still and love your bed
you chose which animals to take to bed 
and love to say nun nite to everyone
and give a big kiss

you love your food 
pasta is your favorite
you love to feed your self 
you are so cleaver 

We love you so much Amilinderville 

You sure are one special girl!