Monday 13 August 2018

Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit Review

My kids love any kind of squishy toy at the moment. It seems to be the latest craze with my daughter she is obsessed. She has a few random ones like a carrot and unicorn rainbow one, so when we were asked to try out the Smooshins Surprise maker kit I knew it would be right up her street. You may be wondering what we are going on about but the Smooshins helps you to make your own squishy figures again and again. 

Our Top tip before starting is to read the instructions. I thought I had read them but then found even more instructions in the box and found out we had done it wrong in the first place. The first Stage is to pop the colour pouches which you should set a timer as you only get 90 seconds to mix the mixture 

The colour pouch then gets placed in the surprise maker and you squeeze all the contents into the mould. It then locks and won't open for 4 hours. We did ours in the evening and left it overnight for better results. once the mould is ready you can choose the pieces to go with it in the surprise bags. Also provided is a stand.

We didn't realise that you could only make one at a time so stupidly mixed two packs and one was wasted. My kids did enjoy the Smooshins Maker as they love surprises. They like the surprise of not knowing what mould was in the kids and the pieces provided. The great thing is that the moulds are encased in an egg so you don't know which one is inside. Also, you can create up to 10000 different characters with 6 different colours and all the accessories. 

The Smooshin Surprise maker kit contains 2 surprise moulds, 4 colour pouches and 4 sets of body pieces. The set comes with 4 colour moulds but they can be purchased separately to make more. 

All in all, make sure you read the instructions carefully before starting. Ami did need some help pushing the mixture in the maker set as it was quite tough to start off with. The first time we did it we let it go longer than 30 seconds and it was very hard to push through. Our end results were not perfect, to be honest, but Ami loved them. She has taken them to show her friends her all want to make them themselves. 

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