Thursday 22 March 2018

Giant Gruffalo Floor Puzzle by Ravensburger

Son Son loves a puzzle recently, hes always asking to do puzzles at home and at nursery. So thankfully we were sent anther puzzle for his collection A giant Gruffalo floor puzzle for him to try out. As soon as it was out of its packaging he was away putting pieces together desperate to complete it. 

The puzzle is aimed at children aged 3 plus and has 24 pieces. Son Son had no trouble putting it together and required little help from me. The pieces are sturdy and strong so able to out up with sometimes the forceful placement of puzzle pieces by Son Son. The shapes are also all odd shaped, making it a bit different to the normal suqare puzzles. 

The puzzle is in the shape of the gruffalo and has lots of fun coulours round the edges along with sentances from the story around the edge. Son Son loved to spot the animals in the puzzle along with the colours. 

The pieces fit nicely in the box too making it easy to store away. They are also large meaning thety wont get mixed up with other jigsaws so much. 

The puzzle is aimed at children 3 plus and retails at £9.99 which I think is a bargain. Son Son did the puzzle with ease so we look forward to trying more puzzles aimed at 4 plus too. Find out more informatoin from Ravensburger and on the Gruffalo floor puzzle here

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