Friday 15 December 2017

Milestone Myths

As a  mother of three children I was often bombarded with advice on when and what's my children should be doing at what age. I was only a teenager when I became a mum so therefore didn't really have a clue on what to expect. All I had was the handy Emma's Diary books to see me through. Sometimes it can almost be a competition on who's baby could do what first. We were recently sent a Baby Annabel Learns to walk Doll and its got me thinking about my own children's milestones.

Sleeping through the Night

All three of my children where all so different. The first Milestone I heard ALL about was sleeping. "My child slept through the night after 2 weeks yours should do to". I was 17 and had a colicky baby that didn't sleep that was not what I wanted to hear. Thankfully when he reached 12 weeks he just slept and then became the best sleeper ever. I knew when I had my daughter many years later I might not be so lucky but 6 weeks down the line she was sleeping well. The Son Son came along and he did not enjoy sleeping at night and would be up all hours until he was six month old. Other people tell me there babies still don't sleep at night and they are 3/4 year old. The most important thing with sleep is that you do what's right for you, you can be bombarded with information about what's wrong and what's right.

Sitting Up

Another milestone all threw different ages. Aston was the average of 6 months where as Ami at 3 months she was strong and trying to sit up. People did not believe me but she could hold her self up and by 4 months she could sit well. Son Son was 6 months also he didn't like to be put down from risk of Ami trampling on him.


My Asti never crawled properly he kind of commando / dragged him self to where he wanted to go. Ami was a bout 7 months she wasn't too fussed with crawling, she was a very chubby baby so just rolled around. Son Son crawled about 8 months he too wasn't bothered and much rather walk than crawl.


Another important competition milestone is walking. Its the one people get most excited about then realise oh crap my baby wont stay still. My Asti Took his first steps at 12 months and 4 days. He had got his walker for his birthday then there was no stopping him. Ami who was pulling her self up from 8 months took her first unaided steps at 10 months by the time Son Son was born (she was 15 months). Son Son beat the lot and got up and walked at 9 months. I can tell you that was hard work one running toddler and one walking baby. No wonder I was so TIRED ALL THE TIME.

First Words

This is another Milestone people love to go on about. I cant quite remember my children's first works but both Asti and Ami were early talkers still now they don't stop talking. where as my little Son Son didn't say much at all, I believe that was down to older siblings talking for him,

See all children are so different but do you know they all even out at school don't they. I was lucky to have three healthy children. The most important thing is to not listen to Barbara who's baby slept through the night since birth and spoke French at 1 years old. I think its the worst thing anyone can tell you when your child doesn't sleep. Quite frankly Barbs you can take your comments and shove them up your.....

This was post was written in Collaboration with Baby Annabel learns to walk. A Doll  who learns to crawl and walk. My kids had great fun playing with this doll. Ami was besotted with teaching it to walk.

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