Thursday 21 September 2017

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Review

My little two love babies its the one game they play everyday without fail. They love anything baby so when we were asked to review the Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots I knew it would be something they would fall in love with them. All the dolls we have are a lot bigger so I wondered how they would find miniature babies. When they opened the packet Ami was overjoyed and couldn't wait to start playing with them. She asked if these babies were as small as the ones at my work (I am a special care nurse).

We were sent a pram set and two individual dolls. The babies are so realistic with little hands and toes. They are so small that they fit in your hands and perfect for carrying around in your pocket.  There are 15 babies to collect in the first series and all come with a name tag and date of birth. One thing I loved about the babies is that they smelled like babies. All the babies smelt different too making them all unique. The individual babies come in a cardboard cot which makes it perfect for storage and added benefit for role playing. I can see us adding to our collection as Ami was eyeing up the rest of the set.

The dolls have a hard plastic head, hands and feet with a soft padded bodies like a beanbag. The clothes come off easy which is perfect for little hands. No details have been spared and we impressed with their facial expressions and also their miniature outfits and accessories. The stitching was neat and tidy and fastenings with velcro and great quality. As soon as we got them out they wanted to find out there names which I think creates such a personal touch for the babies. They found the clothes to get back on at first a bit tricky but after a while got used to dressing the babies. 

We were also sent the Kid Creations Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots baby dolls and Out & About accessory set to review too. This set includes a baby in an all-in-one outfit called ‘Jasmine’, a pram, a changing bag, changing mat and fabric nappy. The nappy was the best bit for Ami she was overjoyed to find such a small nappy. The plastic pram has wheels, a handle and you can also detach the wheels and use it as a cot. The pram is well made with a plastic body and a fabric hood with a butterfly pattern. I liked the actions of the folding hood, moving handles and the turning wheels. It’s nice that both pink and blue was incorporated into the packaging and designs. I also caught them putting them in a bigger pushchair as triplets. 

The individual babies retail at £7.99 which is perfect price for a present or even a treat. With 15 to collect you will soon be overrun with little babies. The Pram set retails at £14.99 which is great value too. We personally love these babies and with big baby fans we might be a bit biased.

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