Tuesday 10 November 2015

Leo Messi Foot bubbles Review

My nine year old loves football and Barcelona so he was literally over the moon when a package 

came through the post with his favourite football player on. I had to grab the camera quick as he 

frantically tried to get the socks out to inspect what it was. 

The pack includes a pair of socks, bubble blower, solution tray and bubble solution. The socks come in some different colours: purple, green, orange and red. It is suitable for ages 6 upwards but my little ones had a go with the bubble too.
It works by putting the bubble mixture into the little football that and blowing bubbles with the blower. It took a while to for him to understand how to get the bubbles of the end without them popping. The idea is then to preform tricks with the bubble. 

He managed to kick it without popping very few times and did get frustrated. I thin because he is used to using a normal ball it took him a while to adjust to a bubble. He also had the issue of the toddlers wanting to pop the bubbles as soon as they saw them. He did give up with the product after a few minutes when the mixture run out. You can buy more on the website if you needed some as the formula is specially formulated. 
His favourite part was the socks, he has wanted to wear them most days other than that he was not really that fussed with it. It would make a great gift for someone who loves football and wants to improve their skills. Perfect for a stocking filler or present for a child, not really our cup of tea but could see some children loving this.  

 Check out the website for more details and tricks.


  1. This looks like great fun for the summer, I can see my children enjoying this #ToyTuesday

  2. My ten year old loves football, my four year old loves bubbles, so like you I can see it being a constant battle to try and kick them or stop them being popped!
    Thanks for linking up to #ToyTuesday

  3. Bought this product for my seven year old brother. This product is really bad. Not worth it at all.

  4. Bought this product for my seven year old brother. This product is really bad. Not worth it at all.

  5. Were do you buy the refil? It doesn't work with regular soup...

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