Sunday 16 August 2015

Im a Ravensburger twitter Party Host

Who doesn't love a twitter party, a party where you don't have to sit round the edges of a school hall feeling too awkward to dance. We are planning to have a little party our selves with my children and their cousins and enjoy playing some puzzles and having a lot of fun. Not Only that during that on Twitter there will be lots going on, there will be prizes to be won, lots of chat and all the fun of a twitter party.

We love jigsaws here, I used to spend ages as a child making puzzles and then sometimes turning them the other way for a harder puzzle ( thats what kind of cool kid I was). There is something special seeing a child concentrating putting a puzzle together. For us its a good way to get the kids to stay still for longer than 5 mins other than sitting on a screen.

We were sent a huge box of puzzles for the monkeys to try and work there way through. Great timing too as the summer holidays can be long and expensive to do stuff each day.

Heres some sneak peaks to whats in the box. Believe me I was flabbergasted and now really excited for the twitter party.

Its all so exciting literally had toddlers fighting over the puzzles (thankfully we were sent two of each so can tame them for now). We have lots of fun activities to do along with awesome party bags for our little party. One of the activities is to make your own puzzles and also a pass the parcel. The party bags contain some shopkins toys, sweets and colouring sheets. 

Theres such variety of puzzles to play with from floor puzzles to 3D puzzles, thankfully the age range for our party is 1-9 so then nobody is missed out. My son loves inside out so he can't wait to get stuck into the puzzle. As we have two of each they can all take a puzzle home to, Im looking forward to making the 3D minions puzzle have never made a 3D puzzles and the fact that it is minions is super cool! 

So there you are, a little insight into our little party box!! Hopefully we won't have any fiascos such as toddlers breaking older kids puzzles or crying at pass the parcel. Do make sure you join in to win and see what we thought of the puzzles. You can hear how our little activities have gone and who wins the prize. SO don't for get the details. 

* Tuesday 18th August *

* 2pm - 4pm *

* #ravensburgerpuzzles #puzzling *

* @mummy_madness1, @ukmumstv, @Ravensburgerpc *

Its going to be fun don't miss it. 

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  1. What a fab party box! We have lots of boxes for every celebration but we have yet to get a party box! I will now be scouring the shops for bargain games! Thanks for sharing! Suz x