Sunday 25 November 2018

Milly Feels better Doll - Baby Annabell Review

Sometimes the kids get sent something that really appeals to me. Ami recently got sent the Milly feels better doll from baby Annabell collection. Ami was overjoyed as she had seen it on the adverts and thought it was something that her mummy does at work. If you are an avid reader of this blog or more my social media you would know that I am a neonatal nurse and spend my working days cuddling babies ( not just that but making them better for home). i work in my local special care unit which Ami absolutely loves. Ami enjoyed being a nurse when baby Milly came.

Baby Milly is one of the new dolls in the Annabell collection, she has something a bit different to the rest as she gets poorly. She comes with five accessories that include a stethoscope, medicine powder , thermometer and syringe. She also comes with an outfit and hat too. She needs a couple of batteries (not included) so as soon as she came the kids were desperate to get her working.

Ami was excited as Milly comes with a stethoscope and she has seen those on the cots at the neonatal unit. Milly is educational and the idea is that you can make her feel better again. One feature we loved was when she is poorly her cheeks turned red and she does a funny cry. You can then use the thermometer to take her temperature, use the stethoscope. Then you can give her some medicine via the spoon and she stops crying and her cheeks go to normal colour. Milly Will start to feel better again. She also comes with an injection too if that ill.

Like most Annabell dolls her eyes open and close when she is laid down. She also laughs when you tickle her too which is a great feature if pretending to make them better. Ami was over the moon and we have played doctors and nurses over and over again. She is desperate for a proper cot and even asked for that big one she saw on the neonatal unit. The other day I took her around my work and she told the staff all about her baby who she makes better. She was so proud telling them how she made them better. They then said she could work there and she was ever so pleased.

That's why I love the Milly feels better doll. It brings my work home in a good way. I can show Ami what I get up to and we can play together. Ami is always asking me about the babies and if they were boys and girls. Its true to say we both love babies ( don't get any ideas my shops shut to more babies).

Milly Feels better Doll retails at £35 and is available at most toy shops. She is such good value for money and does a lot to keep all doll loving fans pleased. Its a perfect gift for any child this Christmas.

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