Monday 14 May 2018

Ravensburger What If? No. 16 The Wedding 1,000 pc Puzzle Review

There's one thing I have to admit to not doing in my adult life and that's a 1000 piece puzzle. Don't get me wrong it's not because I have been too snooty or anything just has never crossed my mind. When I was contacted to review a 1000 piece puzzle I originally thought it was a royal wedding edition. I had misread the email and just put wedding and royal and Prince Harry was the first thing to come to mind. Also if you want to celebrate the Royal wedding why not with a wedding puzzle. The puzzle was actually What If? No. 16 The Wedding edition.

Having been a complete puzzle beginner (except kids ones I can knock those out the park) a 1000 piece seemed huge. Then I discovered this was a special puzzle the picture on the box was completely different to the one on the puzzle. The idea being behind it is that the picture on the box is the ideal wedding for the bride and inside is the Grooms idea of a perfect wedding.

To start off with it was something me and my eldest would do in the evenings. In fact, he would come off screens early to help. I googled how long a 1000 piece puzzle took and it said 5-6 hours, whereas I can say it took us well over 20. That's because we didn't have the picture on the box obviously. I actually sadly really enjoyed putting the puzzle together. It gave such small satisfaction when we found the right parts than as we put more and more together seeing the picture in full.

My eldest son has ADHD so the puzzle actually had a calming effect and I actually saw him yawn which is something he never seems to do. It really helped him relax and calm down from a busy day at school. For me, I found my self-completing parts throughout the day, then getting lost in time and being late for things.

This puzzle is great fun, believe it or not, we got such triumph getting the correct pieces and completing the characters. We started it easy finding all the same colours and then the faces and before we knew it it was nearly done. The puzzle used fun and mystery making it more enjoyable. The Puzzle is available on most shopping websites and to find out more click this link.

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