Sunday, 24 December 2017

Crafting with Gel A Peel

There is something so magical about Christmas, maybe its all the excess booze and twinkling lights. I just think its such a wonderful time of year for family and to remember that Jesus was born and what a wonderful story that was. We love to craft in our house and in the lead up to Christmas we have been making lots of decorations and basically anything with glitter. We were lucky enough to be sent some decorations from Gel A Peel in which we cracked on with straight away.

If you have not heard of Gel a Peel its a lot of fun. It comes in different coloured tubes and you can use it to make jewellery or as we done crafting. The wonderful thing is when it dries it becomes like a rubbery texture. Each set comes with different shaped nozzles that attach on the Gel a Peel tubes to create different shales and textures. The set comes with moulds that you can use to stick on your designs or make into creations themselves.

 The Gel takes a few hours to fully dry so we found it was best making the moulds the night before and sticking on the next day. Although Ami is 5 she can be impatient at times. Son Son also got involved and had quite a bit of fun making Christmas characters. He mainly liked trying the different nozzles like he was decorating a cupcake. For us I found creating a design on something is the best thing we have done with the sets. The finished product is different to a coloured in it adds a different 3D edge to the design. 

Ami's friend Harry come over and loved creating all the different Christmas characters. He had never used it before but enjoyed using something a bit different. 

This set retails at £19.99 and is perfect for crafting onto cards. I say the results came out much better than I originally thought. Why not get  Gel-A-Peel set and have a go yourself.

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