Thursday 22 June 2017

Gel-A-Peel Jewellery Box making

If you had seen some of our previous posts you would know we are quite the fans of Gel-A-Peel. If you have not heard of it before then its well worth looking into especially if you have a child who is particularly crafty. The Set we were sent came with three different colours and a verity of different nozzles also mould to create different shapes.

 You may be wondering what Gel-A-Peel is? Its different couloured gels that can be manipulated into shapes via the use of moulds or even going freehand with a design. It then dries into a rubber texture. The Gel sets come in a verity of colours and sets which include glitter and neon colours. 

There is so much you can do with Gel-A-Peel from creating jewellery itself to designing embellishments for little boxes. For Ami she loved using the Gel to create different designs. I like the way it adds a 3D texture to the finished product. We also used the left over Gel to stick on the dried gel pieces to the box too. The set comes with a range of templates where you can creat some bracelets too. 

 The Gel takes a few hours to fully dry so we found it was best making the moulds the night before and sticking on the next day. Although Ami is nearly 5 she can be inpatient at times. Asti also got involved and had quite a bit of fun making a little box. He mainly liked trying the different nozzles like he was decorating a cup cake. For us I found creating a design on something like a box the best thing we have done with the sets. The finished product is different to a normal painted box and adds a different touch.

This set retails at £19.99 and is perfect for crafting onto cards. I say the results came out much better than I originally thought. Why mot get  Gel-A-Peel set and have a go yourself.

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