Saturday 10 December 2016

Cadson - Hetty Cleaning Trolley Review

My little girl Ami follows me around all the time when she is home from school. She wants to be involved in everything I am doing from cooking to cleaning. Thankfully we were sent the Hetty cleaning trolly and she has been in her element. She was over joyed that she could copy mummy and help tidying up. She is a very special 4 year old she likes her room to be tidy and clean and will always tidy up after her. If you saw her bedroom compared to her brothers its like a different house. 

The Trolley has been made so it looks true to life and Ami felt like she was part of the cleaning crew. I need one to be honest that I can stick all my bits in. We received the package wrapped in christmas paper and the kids were overjoyed. I was told to open it right away and put it together. Thankfully even under the pressure of 2 small children it was easy to put together. There is no need for batteries and charging it was straight away played with. To be honest its a relief sometimes screens are often played with too much it does not bring as much joy as a toy you can use your imagination with. 

Ami already has a Henry hoover so it fitted in well with the collection, Ami was pleased pink although so was son son who plays with it when Ami is at school, The trolley is aimed at children aged 2-6 which I thought was good as my two are in that bracket and they both loved it. I also found that the mop that you can add a floor wipe and ami had great time cleaning the kitchen floor. Well one part only she said they rest looked ok and it actually worked i was impressed. 

The Hetty Cleaning trolley retails at £14.99 and is available at most toy retailers including Toys R Us. Check out the Cadson website for more information check out the website here. Defiantly a toy for christmas for any child. The cool thing is it does not require any batteries and gets the kids playing. 

P.S: The Hetty Cleaning trolley comes with stickers but the little ones were in such a hurry to play I didn't put them on. 

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