Friday 21 October 2016

Schieich Large Farm Review

There is one thing my children love to do is play little role play games with animals. Son Son loves any little animal and always has done. They were ever so delighted when we were asked to review the Schieich Farm set. I knew there would be hours of play with the different farm animals and farm setting.

There is one thing I underestimated was the size of the farm, little did I know that the already large box would contain all the bits to make a massive farm. I had two small children at my heels desperate to get me to build it (for some reason I thought it was all together). Thankfully I love a building project and got set constructing the farm. 

It took me a good hour to set the farm up and to find the right bits and often make a mistake and start all over. I didn't realise there would be so many different areas for the farm. Although it was easy to put taught some of the parts I feared might break but thankfully everything fixed together. 

Now the farm was all built there was no need to worry about finding all the animals the set came with  a range of farmyard animals including cows, pig, farmer and other farm accessories. One thing Son Son loved was that the doors all open and arnt fixed shut, he has a favourite game of playing peekaboo so that was perfect for him to do so. The roof can come off to optimise play and give a smaller child more access to the farm. 

One of our favioute peeves was the little brush for the cows especially for Ami who loves playing mums and babies and this was perfect for her to brush the little baby cow. The farmer included has moveable arms and can hold some of the items in his hands. The farmer is slightly less robust than the larger Schieich animals but still fun to play with. 

I love the little details that are part of the farm building such as the little flower baskets and the textured sizes. We have quite a few Schieich animals which sometimes on their own can be limiting to what you can do with them. The farm provides the perfect environment for learning through play. One thing the kids loved was the little winch crane thats housed inside of the farm. Its able to move across the length of the farm and can be wound up to lift things up just like you would see in a real farm. 

The farm retails at £99.99 which you might think is a tad pricey but it is well worth the pennies. Not only do you get a massive farm but also a few animals to play with too. Also the Schileich brand are well know for the quality of their products so you know its going to last. I know its going to be a well played with toy they already have had such fun making up stories and playing little games. All in all its been an overall success in our house. 


  1. This looks adorable, it's like playing Coombe Mill! #TriedTested

  2. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  3. Oh wow this looks fantastic, and I love that the animals came with it too!